This is BANJO, the album I did for Takoma in the seventies. As usual I hated it until about twenty years went by and then I could hear what I did without the self criticism of what I didnít do echoing in the back of my head. No vocals. All Banjo. All original tunes.

The comments are all directed at banjo players.

  1. Fiddle Tune

A fairly straightforward coming together of a few banjo licks.


  2. Pizzaraga It's all in the right hand.  Once you get the percussion part down, its easy.
  3. Bright Angel Rag (Faier's Rag) Lots of chords. Definitely not for beginners.


  4. Zzyzx A fantasy piece.  Named after a road in the desert of Southern California.


  5. Rhinoceros Waltz The only piece that sprang full blown out of the banjo.  It is exactly as I played it the very first time.  It came to me while driving home one night.  I walked in, picked up the banjo and played it.  It hasn't changed since.


  6. Just Another Dream (Improvisation in E) This and the following two tunes are the result of many hours and years of playing.  They grow, like a plant, from constant repetition and then usually suddenly crystallize into a coherent piece of music.


  7. Longhorn Express see 6


  8. Orion Rising see 6



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