Will Calvin and "Pop" Fred Green

 With one exception, these are all excerpted from various performances in the late 1950s. The first one is an example of songs that I collected from the authentic singers (as opposed to songs learned from other UFRs or records). There are more on the concerts from 1957 and 1958.  Numbers three, four and five were recorded at a concert I gave at the Woodstock Playhouse in the sixties, and the last five are from an appearance at the American Youth Hostel in New York City.

1. This Train Will Calvin.  



2. Funny Little Dutch Girl Learned as a little kid in Brooklyn. I've known it as long as I can remember. Collected from myself.  



3. In the Sweet Bye and Bye

Holly Cantine, late of Woodstock, New York, was an anarchist printer and a germanofile, two qualities not usually found together in the same individual.  The intensity of his great enthusiasm for German Band music enabled him to overcome the fact that his own musical talents were so-so at best but he certainly learned to play the tuba in the band he sponsored.  I myself joined the band with the cornet, which I could not yet play.  I learned by doing, as we all did in this band.  Holly's sponsorship consisted of having enormous quantities of good German beer, bread, and sausages as the intro to whatever feast he had prepared.  We "rehearsed" twice a week, always well-attended.  We played at many local functions. Our specialty was old Salvation Army songs.  At the end of a concert I did at the Woodstock Playhouse, the band came up for these final three numbers.

Woodchuck Hollow Brass and Woodwind Choir.  Woodstock Playhouse. Sixties.













4. Let the Lower Lights Be Burning same





5. Alte Kommeraden March This was the band's best number.  We affectionately called it the Old Photographer's March.















6. Strange Tune with Harmonica I can't recall who played the harmonica.  And there was, I think, another musician too.  This is but one statement of a piece we played over and over for an hour.

A precious fragment.







7. Freight Train It is a sweet old song.





8. Cripple Creek One of the first.  



9. Bold Soldier Burl  



10. Eighth of January War of l812  



11. Ground Hog From SOD BUSTER ballads.  Pete Seeger and all.





12. Cripple Creek (in 3/8) (Goodman Coonhound, His Jig) Cripple Creek in 3/8 time became Goodman Coonhound, His Jig. The question of why I would want to play Cripple Creek in 3/8 time has been inadequately addressed. All I can say is, I did it.







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