Most of the following are from the usual sources.  Records mostly, or from other folks. The last two were excerpted from a Folk Music Lecture I gave at Columbia University in 1958.

  1.  Sail Away Ladies Uncle Dave Macon  


  2. Henry Martyn Burl Ives  


  3. Willy Moore Burnett and Rutherford  


  4. Flop-Eared Mule/Cripple Creek/Old Joe Clark


Washington Square  


  5. Dark as a Dungeon Merle Travis  


  6. Bonnie Bay of Biscay Frank Warner  


  7. John Henry Many sources  


  8. A Trip on the Erie Frank Warner  


  9. Old Lord by the Northern Sea Can't recall where I learned it.  


  10. Go Tell Aunt Nancy America's Favorite Ballads  Almanacs  


  11. Cindy Pete Seeger Folksay album  Asch Records  


  12. Union Maid Almanacs  


  13. Ladies Auxiliary Woody Guthrie  


  14. Payday at Coal Creek Pete Steele via Library of Congress  


  15. Danville Girl Can't recall from which old  record I learned this.




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