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1.   Rakes of Mallow
2.   H’kotsrim
3.   Green Corn   
4.   Irish Medley: Gary Owen, MacLeod’s
           Reel, Haste to the Wedding
5.   Yugoslav Kolo
6.   High Barbary
7.   Spanish Fandango
8.   Last of Callahan
9.   Farewell Blues
10. Dance of the Spanish Fly
11. Three Jolly Rogues
12. Sailor’s Hornpipe
13. Wren Song
14. Greek Dance
15. Darby Ram
16. Lute Song for the Five String Banjov

The first, and probably the most important recording is THE ART OF THE FIVE STRING BANJO.  Here  are the contents. I was accompanied by Frank Hamilton whose incredible guitar accompaniments gave color and life to the album that it never would have had on it’s own.


1.   Travelin’ Man
2    Downfall of Paris
3.   Billy the Kid
4.   Bahaman Lullaby 
5.   Wind in the Trees
6.   Dying British Sergeant 
7.   Great Assembly 
8.   Galveston  Flood 
9.   Soldier’s Joy
10. Miner’s Lifeguard 
11. Payday at Coal Creek 
12. Nine Pound Hammer 
13. Diane’s Reel
14. The Hell Bound Train

Recorded a year after the ART

Side A
1.   Folksinger’s Heaven
2.   Dog’s Life
3.   Denver Colorado
4.   Rose Anne
5.   Unpleasantness at the Nook

Side B
6.   Together Free
7.   Slow and Easy
8.   Cuba Song
9.   Leadbelly’s Children
10. Live and Let Live
11. Song of the Cuckoo

This is an LP I produced myself back in 1964.  All original songs.  John Sebastian plays guitar and harmonica on it.  It may have been his first paying music gig. I first met him when he was a young man apprenticed to a guitar maker.  He talked me into letting him redo my guitar, free of charge, under the supervision of his employer.  I went for it and never regretted it.  When he delivered the rebuilt instrument to me and I was strumming it to see how it was, John took a harmonica out and played along with me.  He was already a great harp player, as his father was before him, and I think I talked him into going professional with his harp.  He did so, and I don’t think he ever regretted it either.

Side A has five cuts.  Folksinger’s Heaven, Dog’s Life, Denver Colorado, Rose Anne, and The Unpleasantness at the Nook. I play banjo only on the third and fifth. 

Side B.  This is the political side of the album. 
1. Together Free, about the loneliness of complete individual freedom.
2. Slow and Easy, an allegorical tale of a black man looking for  freedom in Washington, D.C.
3. Cuba Song, a musical amusement sketching the history of the Cuban Revolution.  Written during the missile crises between Kennedy and Krushchev.
4. Leadbelly’s Children.  As the years go by I get more and more comfortable with this song.
5. Live and Let Live.  Says it all.
6. Song of the Cuckoo, or Coo Coo, as I spelled it then.  The only song I ever made any real money off of.

For better or for worse, this Album is my contribution to the Civil Rights movement in the sixties.


Side 1
1. Fiddle Tune
2. Pizzaraga
3. Faier's Rag
4. Zzyzx
5. Rhinoceros Waltz

Side 2
1. Just Another Dream (Improvisation in E)
2. Longhorn Express
3. Orion Rising


This is BANJO, the album I did for Takoma in the seventies.  As usual I hated it until about twenty years went by and then I could hear what I did without the self criticism of what I didn’t do echoing in the back of me head.  No vocals.  All Banjo.

A lot of people thought the dog’s name was Banjo.  Actually it was Pizza.



1.   Dear Mother Earth
2.   Song Of The Canyon Wren
3.   Matkatamiba
4.   Bright Angel Rag
5.   Song Of The Cuckoo
6.   Cosmo
7.   Five String Fanfare
8.   For Me And My Baby
9.   Kemp's Jig
10. Fragmented Rag
11. The Great Assembly
12. Si Me Quieres Escribir
13. Cluck 'Ol Hen
14. Solar System Music

This is a cassette tape I made about twenty years ago.  I was accompanied by Gilles Malkine on guitar and, once again, by John Sebastian on guitar and Harmonica.  I still have some remaining cassettes of it which are fifteen dollars.


I also have a CD of a show
I did at Café Lena, in Saratoga Springs,
New York.  Of all the live recordings
I ever did this one is, head and shoulders,
above all the rest in performance quality.
I never played better on tape.  I was
only in my thirties at the time and I am
not crazy today about what I did and
said then. But I think the banjo playing
is worth putting up with the player.
It is unedited.  Intros, applause, and all.
I do three or four Beatle Songs on it.

$25.00 for the CD. 


Disc l

1.   Doublethink**
2.   Bees to my honey Blues**
3.   Song of the Cuckoo
4.   I’ve Just Seen a Face
5.   For No One
6.   Wind in the Trees and Dance of
         the Spanish  Fly.
7.   Dog’s Life
8.   Ten Times Around**
9.   Baby You Opened My Heart**
10. Diane’s Reel

Disc 2
11. Norwegian Wood
12. Jig Saw Puzzle**
13. When You Have Found Your
14. Daddy, I had a Dream Last Night**
15. Willy Moore
16. Hunt the Wren
17. Leadbelly’s Children
18. Together Free
19. Folksinger’s Heaven
20. *The Hell Bound Train
21. *Wind in the Trees and Dance of
           the  Spanish Fly

*  In both these numbers reverb was added by the unknown person who recorded the program.

**These seven songs are Billy Faier originals that have never been recorded.


Live 2007
The Downstairs Concert

The songs 

1.   The Great Assembly
2.   Song of the Grand Canyon Mule
3.   Cluck Old Hen
4.   Song of the Cuckoo
5.   Bright Angel Rag
6.   Five-String Fanfare
7.   Zzyxx
8.   Together Free
9.   Dog's Life
10. Live and Let Live
11. It Was a Lover and His Lass
12. South American Tune
13. Whoa, Mule
14. Miner's Lifeguard
15. Folk Singer's Heaven
16. Little Maggie

This CD was recorded on October 13, 2007 in St. Paul Minnesota at the home of Gene Henriksen who twisted my arm for months until I agreed to do it.  As usual I hated the recording, and was reluctant to have it issued, but Gene assured me that everyone who heard it thought it wonderful.  And so, recalling the similar feelings I had about my first LPs fifty years ago, I agreed.


Since this is a commercial issue and not a handmade CD, the price is only $20.00.


1. Rakes of Mallow
2. Solar System Music
3. H'Kotsrim
4. Irish Medley--Gary Owen, Macleod's Reel, Haste to the Wedding
5. Yugoslav Kolo
6. Spanish Fandango
7. Last of Callahan
8. Farewell Blues
9. Dance of the Spanish Fly
10. Greek Dance
11. Lute Song for the Five String Banjo
12. Downfall of Paris
13. Fragmented Rag
14. Diane's Reel
15. Dear Mother Earth
16. Kemp's Jig
17. Five String Fanfare
18. Wind in the Trees
19. For Me and My Baby
20. Bright Angel Rag

I have just finished putting this CD together of all the banjo instrumentals from three of my albums.  the Art of the Five String Banjo, Travelin' Man, and Banjos, Birdsong, and Mother Earth.
  Sorry about these prices, but there is an enormous amount of work that must be done to produce the stuff.

All of the above recordings (except the 2007 concert at $20.00) are available from me in CD form for $25.00.  I make them myself.
Send check or money order to my grandsonb:

Chris Wand
P. O. Box 1398
Sausalito, CA  94966

You can email Chris at christopher.h.wand@gmail.com or call (415) 531-7002

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